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Audax - Casual Minecraft is a small but growing 24/7 Java 1.14.4 MC server of about 3 months, with lots of gamemodes including Survival, Creative and Minigames. With a community oriented playstyle, keepInventory, lots of sethomes and warps to facilitate gameplay, easy to use plot systems and fun minigames to play with friends, this server is perfect to join and get involved with our tightly-wound and laid back community and strive for glory and respect! Don’t be afraid come check us out if you're bored, everyone is accepted!

> New server!

> We listens to YOUR suggestions!

> Unique Gamemodes (Creative, Survival, Minigames, SkyGrid)

> keepInventory is on, don’t worry about losing stuff!

> Growing Economy!

> Cool plugins! (doesn't affect the vanilla gameplay experience) (/sethome, /warp)

> Play with friends with commands to teleport to them!

> Pranks, Trolling and PvP are allowed!

> Cosmetic Vote Shop Rewards and Donator Ranks with cool pets and trails!

> Active discord server with 60+ members!

> Not online? Speak with friends on the server by typing in discord by using our Direct Chat Link!

> 99.99% uptime, 20 TPS, North America Location, stable server that can hold up to 35 players at once!

> So much more!

We need people to join our crew of hard working staff members! Do you want to?

Sure, but you have to prove that you have what we need first! Builders, Helpers, Moderators, Admins, (Maybe Developers but the Owner does most of that) There is a place for everyone, and if you can’t find a position in the staff team, we assure you you’ll fit right in as a beta tester.

Please consider voting for us on these server lists if you enjoy the server. We also have votifier so if you vote you can get VotePoints to get cool pets, ranks, trails, and more! You can vote daily.

You can also donate to keep the server running if you really enjoy it! :D